With the popularity of the site growing, I am getting asked to build more machines... For those considering a build, I offer the following testimonials from actual clients. All of these messages were unsolicited: people received their machines and wrote me the following:

This build was an Explorer with a Vac-U-Lock Dildo and 12" rod extension.


"The quality of manufacturing is impressive and professional. The function of the device is flawless and surprisingly quiet. The power of thrust is such that I had to put some weight on the machine, otherwise it actually moved away from the "Guest of Honour".....this is not a design flaw, but a function of the size of toys that we were playing with, and the significant torque generated by the motor..


In summary, this was an excellent purchase, which exceeded all of my expectations. Please accept my compliments on your craftsmanship, Matt, I am very glad that I chose you to supply this machine. Please feel free to use this message or parts thereof as a testimonial. I would not hesitate to endorse your products to my friends - and most certainly will!"


Best regards,

Peter H. , Pembina, ND