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**All of the topics below are placeholders... I will be updating the content ASAP so stay tuned!

Fucking Machine Basics

Updated May 2015


Maybe you've seen a fucking machine online, used one at home or maybe you have used one at a swingers event.  Regardless of where you first were introduced to them, you're ready to build and jump in to the realm of mechanical love. 

Not so fast!  Like the saying goes, the devil is in the details. 

Prior to your build, you have plenty to think about before you pick up the saw and start cutting... Read this section to begin your build planning...


Motors and Speed Controls

Updated May 2015


The most expensive component of any fucking machine is often the motor, and motor selection makes a significant impact on the rest of your build.  Your motor determines your power supply/wiring needs, the eventual size of your machine, etc.  It is a tough decision, and you have plenty of options!  After you get your motor, you still need to control the speed and wire it up. This section will cover all the details and hopefully it helps you out… 


Driveline Components

Updated May 2015


So how do you take the rotational motion of the motor and translate that into a linear thrusting motions?


This section will guild you through all the parts you need and help you choose the right parts for your application.

Attachments and Everything Else

Updated May 2015


This is the "everything else we haven't talked about" section, including:

-  Mounting your dildo/toy

-  Fucking machine storage

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