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This is the only place on the web exclusive to builders and users of fucking machines...  Sure, you might find some threads on other forums/blogs,  but this site is 100% machines!  


Specifically, this site was created to:
1) Provide technical plans for building machines written for the common person with little vocational experience. Plans written for a machinist or electrician are not helpful!
2) Allow machine enthusiasts to congregate in a judgment-free venue and share resources and materials.

Please come in, take a look around and don't be afraid to make some friends or ask questions!  

News and Updates:

Just added a rental calendar to the machine rental portion of the website,

I realize that things have been slow to develop.  I have grand plans for the website, and I am hoping the wait will be worth it, when I am finished.  I apologize for this, and plan to start effecting changes in the very near future, starting with plans, and products.

Thank you,



The purpose of this site is to offer resources and information to regular folks wanting to build their own fucking machine.

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