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Commissioned Builds

Every month I take a handful of commissioned builds for the visitors of MachineYourself.  I work in close collaboration with you to craft a machine built to your exact specifications, keeping in mind both your budget and specific use. My machines are made with close attention to detail and are designed to last through years of fun. 

For those of you with a specific design, I work to thoroughly understand your vision. For those still looking for a design, I work to clarify your build into something you fall in love with and can really get excited over. If you have purchased components and just haven’t gotten around to finishing your build, I am also able to have you ship me parts and finish your incomplete project.

Complete Builds
starting at     $525

I offer higher end machines such as the one shown above. Perfect for most users, this machine features a 25lb/in motor with 6" of thrust, a 10ft user control, and comes standard with an aluminum Vac-U-Lock adapter and 12" extension rod. Motors and components are upgradeable to fit your exact requirements. These builds start at $525 (plus actual shipping) and take roughly 3 weeks to complete.

Budget Builds
starting at $350

If you are in the market for more of an entry-level budget machine, this might be the right option. I build a machine using a simple low-RPM heavy duty drill and simple drive-line components. I'll be honest, it is a little on the loud side (it is a drill, after all), but this is an affordable option for those looking to just give a fucking machine a try...


** These machines are done on a limited basis based on shop availability.

Terms and Guarantee

All of my builds require a non-refundable 50% deposit to begin (sent as a gift through PayPal). Builds take roughly 3 weeks to complete plus shipping time.


All of my machines come with a simple "gentleman's guarantee": If it breaks in a reasonable amount of time from purchase date and it was my fault, then I will fix it. No questions asked and no B.S. On the flip side, please treat these machines like you would any other piece of expensive equipment.


Interested in Learning More?

If you're interested in learning more about a custom build, please contact me with the form below. Please let me know what you are looking for in a machine by answering the following questions:

     - How often do you anticipate using it?

     - What size toys do you use (length and girth)?

     - Will the machine be used vaginally, anally, or both?

     - Where is the machine being shipped?


Based on your answers, I can guide you towards the right machine for your specific usage.

Your details were sent successfully!

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